//Film it – Mobility of youth workers

Film it – Mobility of youth workers

Erasmus+ Training Course “Film it – Mobility of youth workers” was held in Italy, little town near Naples called Bacoli from 15th to the 23rd of January, ’18. The training course gathered 26 participants from EU and non-EU countries of Europe, with different background and experience in youth work in order learn video making competences.

Gvido, Anna and Igors from Latvia were participating in the course where they shared, discussed and practiced their  movie making skills. After coming back to Latvia participants actively shared their experience gotten duringthe course with friends and people who were interested.

The great outcome from the training are five videos that were made in order to promote five different NGO swhich are located in Bacoli.

Gvido showed videos and shared experience gained in Bacoli during Riga International meet up, where was attending people not only from Latvia but as well from other European countries. Some of them had experience in youth work or with Erasmus+ projects for some it was new, but everyone were amazed about so interesting training course “Film It” and it’s topic – movie making. As well Gvido had a presentation in his home town Salaspils, Latvia about Erasmus+ program and his personal experience such as being part of EVS and participating in Taining Courses and Youth Exchanges of course mentioning as well Training course “Film It” that was held in Bacoli.

Anna participated in local NGO event in (held in NVO Nams http://www.iksd.riga.lv/public/56036.html) about NGOs support and active youth work. There were represented 6 NGO from Riga. Discussion and presentations were followed by with brief discussion between youth and NGO representatives. Talks were about volunteering, youth work experiences in Erasmus+ programme etc. During the active discussion Anna shared the Erasmus+ experience talking about “Film It” project. For many friends the videos from the training course were actively shared and told how was the project and briefly discussed personal outcomes such as practicing movie making, filming and so on.
Igors made a presentation of movies and shared his movie making skills with some interested youngsters who would like as well improve their filming skills. For all 3 participants the course gave a strong motivation to make videos and improve these skills via practice.

The project was organized by SFERA Italy, a youth organization with a mission to raise awareness and to educate communities. During the project two professional trainers were involved in the learning process. The methodology was based on non-formal education with energizers, brainstorming, team work, active practice and so on. Basically, it was active and full of action week, participants worked in diverse and multicultural groups.

The training course was focused on basic knowledge on modern software and platforms supporting filming, video-making, promotion, and basic rules of copyrights.

In Bacoli, Naples, Italy, this music school provides individual classes to people and music therapy to kids with special needs.

Parco Cerillo is a project developed by the local people from Bacoli through a young organization that has the same name than the park. Visit us and enjoy your time in an amazing environment with beautiful views and a lovely atmosphere. Come and try our fresh juices and homemade desserts. www.parcocerillo.it www.facebook.com/ParcoCerillo/

Local event was organized in Riga, to share the knowledge obtained during the training course in Italy with local Latvian youth.

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