//Applications open for LVMUN conference

Applications open for LVMUN conference

LVMUN is a conference that gathers young and curious minds from around the globe to learn about diplomacy and negotiations together through the simulation of the work of different committees of the UN.
LVMUN VII, the seventh edition of the conference that will take place on November 30th -December 2nd in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia, with five committees working on resolutions : United Nations Security Council, Crisis, UNDP, Economic and Social Council and Council of Europe.
We have made sure that the topics of the conference cover as many issues as possible, such as the handling of terrorism related news in media, reduction of migrant vulnerability, protection of European values, etc., and have already gathered a team of dedicated directors from around Europe to bring the best experience to delegates. You can find more details about committees, topics and directors on our webpage (lvmun.org).
So far, we have managed to bring people together from more than 35 countries all over the world and let them discuss and resolve important issues, learn how to reach an unanimous decision overcoming the differences in the nations’ views.
During the past editions of LVMUN, we managed to attract participants from outside the Europe – the USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, India, Hong Kong -, which is a great accomplishment for us, and this year we hope to expand even further.
We would like to invite you to the seventh edition of LVMUN by filling in the delegate’s application. Do not miss the chance to experience a remarkable LVMUN VII conference held from November 30th -December 2nd and see you in November!